Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't blink

It's been just a couple of days since I've last posted... HA!  Truth is life is crazy.  I left you at Day 35... today was Day 62!  I'm about to take you through the most intriguing parts of the last month and a half.

Master Suite

 Berkley's room
 Foyer room
 Emma Grace's room
 Reese's room :)
 The crane arrives to install the trusses.
 The girls are quite pleased. :)

 The girls' bathtub makes it's grand entrance into their bathroom.


 Reese's room

 Master suite

 Reese's room

 Tar paper... and snow flurries
 Going upstairs
 Master suite... windows
 Front door
 Master suite
 Reese's room


 Reese's room
 Master suite

 Berk's room
 Hall foyer
 EG's room
 Going downstairs
 Bryan builds a mailbox.
 Bryan installs concrete board to begin tiling bathrooms/laundry room.
 Great room
 Breakfast nook

By the end of the week the following is supposed to be done:
~Brick (Hasn't even been started!  This project is nearly a month behind schedule.  The first guy failed to show up.  The second guy was dead... not funny... but kind of funny.  The third guy showed up yesterday with no water for his mortar... seriously?)
~Pouring of the concrete for the porch and garage (Can't be finished until the brick is done on the lower part of the house.)
~Siding/Cedar Shake on the front (Can't be finished until the porch concrete is poured, which can't be finished until the brick is done... DOMINO EFFECT!)
~Painting should be started Friday.

We have a C/O date of December 20.  It's been the same date all along despite delays, people not showing up, weather, rock... our general contractor is awesome and has a ridiculous amount of people in there working at one time. 

We've begun packing here at the rental, which is slow moving due to the holidays.  I pulled out the bare necessities when it comes to Christmas decor, which makes me sad.  Hopefully the remainder of this project will go off without a hitch, and we'll be spending Christmas Day in our new home!

Monday, October 15, 2012

As of Day 35

Day 29... we have a floor
 ... and a ceiling for the basement!

Day 32... first floor is framed!
 Trusses for the roof!
 View from the back door, through the foyer, towards the front door.
 Day 33... prepping for the second floor... from the front door.
 Prepping for the second floor... great room.
 Day 34... second floor... from the front door.
 Second floor... great room.
 Day 35... exterior walls for the second floor!

Today should be Day 36, but we started with heavy rains, so hopefully they can get some things done up there this afternoon.  We're chugging right along!